I help Shopify Stores make more money using Google

who else wants to add extra $5k to their store bottom line?

Find out How many sales your Store should be making online, without loosing money on marketing.


What are you gonna Cover in the call?

The call is divided into three Phases.

The introduction

Time: 10 minutes
Agenda: Getting to know your Products and Seeing How much the same product is selling for online.

the meat

Time: 20 mins
Once we make sure that there is demand for our products, we find out if your store can convert Visitors into Customers. Reviewing your Homepage, About Us and Product Page.
( Most people do not even have an About Us page , thats the second most visited page on any website )

the conclusion

Time: 15 mins
This part is my favorite, We talk about what your immediate steps should be to get your store to the next level.

Why are you doing it?

That's how I role. This is what I do.
And once in a while I get hired by my ideal clients to make money for them.

What if i absolutely hate you during the call?

That happens when we are not a good fit, in which case you can slam down the phone.
P.S: My other skills are not as awful as my sense of humour 😉